Mae Nicole Candles

Our Story

Cleaner and safer than the norm, Mae Nicole Candles are blended with coconut wax and other natural ingredients.

Having tested several different waxes, we discovered coconut wax was better for the environment, safer to burn indoors and provides a great scent throw.

Natural & Toxin Free

Purely of the earth, our wax is vegan, toxin free, paraben free and phthalate free. Every one of our handmade coconut wax candles are personally poured in a reusable glass container and our travel tins are footed to prevent the dissipation of heat in a way that keeps surfaces cool during burning.

To top it off we’ve added wooden wicks for a little crackle!

Love ♥

Committed to carrying on her legacy of love and light, we've dedicated the “Love” candle to my mom – a strong and beautiful woman who lost her battle with cancer.

In honor of her, 10% of the proceeds from each sale of this candle will be donated to cancer research at the American Cancer Society as they strive to save lives every day and work to create a world free from the pain and suffering from cancer.